Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tummy Time Help on a Snowy Day

Tummy time.  I know that some magical infants like this special time set aside to be face down, but Mack does not.  Not at all. At. All.  Like, it's basically torture.  He hates is so much that he literally rolled over when he was 2 weeks old.  I'm not even joking. 

So tummy time in our house either consists of screaming bloody murder or him rolling himself over promptly.  As he's gotten slightly older, it's not quite as bad--sometimes.  Sometimes it's still bloody murder.  

We have searched in vain to find ways to make tummy time a little more bearable.  Mirrors didn't help.  Books didn't help.  Getting down eye level with him made him scream harder.  So basically we would just wait it out.  A little screaming never hurt anyone even if it did drive Red crazy.

One day, I saw a picture on Pinterest that used a muffin tray with tummy time.  I don't have the link to the original post, but I decided to go off the picture and try it.  Rachael Ray will do different week long tributes to rarely used kitchen items.  I bet she didn't include this in her salute!

It's simple enough.  Take out your muffin tin, fill it with toys, and leave some holes open if you please.  This is a great way to introduce your babe to something being full vs. empty, etc.  I usually put these little yellow toys down (they are the type that you match with the right shape hole, hand-me-down), I had a hair claw clip one day so that went in, whatever really works.  Today I even included 2 ice cubes and 2 jumbo size shells-I didn't want him to choke!-so he could feel the different textures they offer.  Fast forward to when I'm writing this and the dog has claimed at least 1 ice cube and 1 shell.  Oh well.

I hope this may help in your tummy time adventures.  When all else fails, get a dog that will check the baby out and give a good face lick or 2!  It's also good for sitting practice too!


So this is what the fam is up to on this magical snow/ice day.  Stay warm!

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