Monday, February 22, 2016

3 Things Successful People Do to Make Their Mornings Easier

Ok, this post is not really rocket science or anything, but it is useful advice.

Raise your hand if you love the feeling of being rushed in the morning!

Yeah, that's what I thought.  I don't think I know anyone that actually likes being rushed in the morning, but I know a lot of people who are rushed in the morning-myself included.  My husband hates being rushed so much that he gets up at least one hour and fifteen minutes before he has to be out the door.  He's a guy, read-doesn't take that long to get ready, but he still sets his alarm earlier than mine.  Let's face it, once his goes off, I'm up too.

I am going to share 3 tips to be successful in having a less stressful morning.  You may have heard these before, but until you actually put them into action, they bear repeating.

Tip #1:

  • Lay your clothes out the night before.  Yes, we have heard this before, but it's so true.  I would suggest picking out at least 2 outfits for the next day just in case you wake up in a different mood than what you previously thought.  It is NOT enough just to mentally think of what you are going to wear the next day.  I fall into this trap all the time.  I'll have a mental picture of what I want to wear ahead of time, but then it never looks right.  Even if you decide an outfit doesn't look right, you will have the other one to switch to.  Just do it.  Seriously, it will make your morning so mindless that you might have time to make a second cup of coffee before you leave!

Tip #2:
  • Pack your lunch the night before.  This is so super duper time saving; I can't even believe it.  Unless you are one of the fortunate people like my husband that can go home for lunch, PACK YOUR LUNCH!  For real.  If you do it the night ahead, you can scrounge around or think in depth about what you want.  You don't have to scramble and settle for whatever may or may not be in the refrigerator.  Many times I'll take salads to school as my lunch, and I'll make up 2 at a time, so then I only have to grab a few snacks the next night to have my lunch finished.
Tip #3:
  • Make a to do list before you go to bed of anything you need to do the next day.  You know when you're lying in bed thinking of all the things you need to do in the morning, next day, or day after.  Then you think to yourself "Don't forget to wash the bottles, feed the dog, buy sparkly nails polish..."  You know the feeling.  Then you may be the type of person who starts stressing out about not forgetting to do these things.  Simple solution.  Keep a notepad and pen in your room by your bed and write all these ideas down so you won't forget them.  While I'm a semi-fan of the technological phone to do list since people pretty much always have their phone with them, I do try to limit my screen time before bed because I do honestly sleep better if I'm not all hyped on on blue emitted light and social media scandals, but if that works for you, make a list in your phone.  If not just write it down the old fashioned way!

I hope these tips help you in your morning planning.  Even if you've heard them before, it never hurts to have a little reinforcement.  

Comment and tell me how you prepare for the morning bustle!

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