Saturday, February 20, 2016

Simple Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

This week at school, 3 of my classes made smoothies.  They had 4 options for their smoothie flavors which were strawberry, strawberry banana, peanut butter banana, and mixed berry.

I LOVE smoothies!  When Josh and I went to Hawaii, we had the pleasure of trying Jamba Juice.  Can you say ah-may-zing?  But there is no Jamba Juice here in Western PA, at least not one close, so I have to settle for making my smoothies at home cuz I'm frugal like that.  My personal fave flavor of smoothie is mixed berry.  Sweet and tart; what's not to love?  So I'm going to share the recipe with you today!

Here are a few reasons why I think smoothies are the bomb:
  • They are healthy-if you do it right. (As in, don't add in a boat load of sugar.)
  • They are usually quick to make unless your blender starts leaking all over your table.  Yep, that was my Tuesday morning.
  • You can make them simple or fancy.  I'm mainly in favor of simple smoothies that don't have a lot of ingredients.
  • You can make them super nutritious without any veggie haters knowing.  Have you ever added a handful of spinach to your smoothie?  Chances are you couldn't even taste it!  Spinach is a wonderful add in.  Once it's blended up, you don't even know it's there.  You CAN'T taste it! Promise.  Bonus points for getting in an extra serving of veggies!  This is a great way to sneak one over on your kids.
  • You can make them in a vast amount of flavors and different sizes/quantities.
Have I said enough?  I'm sure I could go on if you wanted me to.

So here is my super simple mixed berry smoothie recipe.

Easy as pie-well smoothie.  Pie's not that easy.

Go ahead and #treatyoself!

BTW-I am a die hard Aldi shopper, so that is where I  purchase all my ingredients for smoothies!

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