Monday, February 29, 2016

3 More Things Successful People Do to Make Their Mornings Easier

Last week, I bestowed my wisdom to the masses with 3 Things Successful People Do to Make Their Mornings Easier.  

Were these earth shattering tips that no one has ever thought of before?  No.  That said, they are useful tips.

Like I mentioned in that post, until we truly start doing these things, it doesn't hurt to be reminded of them.

Today I am going to share with you 3 more things successful people do to make their mornings easier.  I hope you can apply these to your life if they fit your situation!

Tip #1:

  • Set your coffee pot or at least get it ready the night before.  We are a Keruig family.  My husband drinks a Groves Square cappuccino every morning, and I use my refillable K Cup to brew coffee.  While there's not a lot to prep for us, we do make sure the reservoir is filled at night, and many times I will get my K Cups cleaned out and filled with fresh grounds, so I can just pop it in and not have to worry about cleaning it in the morning.

If you are not Keruig people, no sweat.  You can still get your coffee pot ready to brew by filling the reservoir and setting it up.  If you have a fancy pot, set that timer so you can wake to the smell of your lustrous blend!  If your pot doesn't have a timer, you could get a manual one and set it or just have the pot ready so all you have to do is turn it on once you wake up!

Tip #2:

  • Get your briefcase, bag, or whatever you take with you ready the night before.  Any school teachers out there?  Think about how many bags you take to school with you.  I actually bought a Vera Bradley Get Carried Away tote which is intended to have enough room for a weekend getaway to carry all my crap to school!  I try to get it ready at night, so I can just grab it in the morning and get out the door.  If your bag is packed the night before or you at least lay out whatever items you are taking with you, this will help you not forget things and save time in the morning.
Tip #3:

  • Get gas the night before.  Who has fallen trap to the almost empty gas tank?  Me.  I can pretty much promise you that if plan to get gas in the morning, something will happen that will cause you to run late and not have time to stop for gas.  Maybe breaking your coffee carafe, or the dog throwing up, or who knows what.  Just stop and get gas before you go home.  Is it inconvenient?  Maybe, maybe not but do it anyway.  When I know I have to get gas in the morning, I literally don't sleep very well because I keep that in the back of my mind and dwell on it.  Just get gas the night before and your morning will be easier!
So what do you do to make your morning easier?  Comment and let me know!

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