Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Quintessential First Blog Post...

Ahh... the quintessential first blog post. One that will most likely not be remembered even if this blog were to go viral (which in all honesty is what I'm hoping for). #Realtalk
So what should this monumental first post be about? I don't really know. Maybe a little getting to know you?  Getting to know all about you... Ok, shoot.

Name: Olivia

Age: 26 at time of writing

Occupation: professional substitute teacher struggling to find that magical unicorn that is a full time public school teaching job. 
But as for now, I do it all; English, science, wood shop, wherever they need a sub, I go.  
But not elementary. I don't do that crap.  I'm not good at having thirty 6 year olds swarm me at once.  But, I will say that on the few occasions I have subbed elementary, I come home with some pretty high self-esteem because there are always little girls that want to tell you you're pretty or they like your outfit or your nail polish is cute. What's not to like? I eat the compliments up, and typically while I'm basking in the 4th grade praise another 4th grader is doing something utterly disgusting and paid the little girls to distract me. Elementary are crafty. High school students just let it fly. Plus, they react better to my sarcastic jokes.  
My current gig is teaching home ec until June for a maternity leave at a small western PA school. I'll give you a hint, there's a famous holiday once a year that the town is known for. #gochucks

Marital status: married to Josh for almost 7 years. 
That's always a good story for school. "Oh yeah, I got married when I was 19, but I don't really recommend it for you and your Twitter boyfriend." Good times are had by all when I dish or dating advice. #theythinkimcrazy

Children: as of right now I have my main squeeze Mack who is 6 months and quite possibly the cutest baby on earth (I'll provide pictures to prove it's not just my bias) and my black fur baby Red who is 2 #blacklabsmatter

Talents: it comes down to the old saying "Jack of all trades, master of none." I'm into a little bit of everything.  
I semi like to cook. 
I say I like to work out (I really do like it when I actually do it, that is after it's over with and I've refueled with Doritos). 
I crochet. #oldladystatus And Cricut, craft,  etc. 
However, my true talent is being a multitasker disaster.  Why just this week, I made breakfast for my class at school while simultaneously burning dried fruit for a later period.  You wish you had my skills.

Subject of this blog: hmm, that's a good one.  As I mentioned, I'm basically into a little bit of everything, so this blog will probably be a little bit of everything! Some recipes, possibly some craftiness, and a heaping dose of real life, because why fake it?

So here goes. Let me know if there are others things you're interested or want to know! I'd love to dish out the info.

Photo creds: mainly my cell phone, but if you live in Western, PA check out Vanessa Huey ( she is amazing!

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