Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How I Pray for my Husband

I am a firm believer that praying for your husband is important.  I think if you ask anyone who has a solid prayer life they will tell you that prayer makes a difference.  While I don't claim to necessarily have a solid prayer life, I do believe that it is important for me to pray for my husband.

A few years back, several of the women (married or not) in our Sunday school class were passing around The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  If you are beginning to pray for your husband or future spouse, I would recommend getting this book!  It has wonderful personal accounts on how prayer has changed marriages for the good. 

Stormie Omartian has written various books about the power of prayer.  Whether it be the power of a praying wife, mother, husband, etc., she offers great insight as to why you should pray for someone, how to pray for someone, and recognizing prejudices that may affect your heart of prayer.  This is a woman to look up to.  She clearly knows the difference a prayer warrior can make and has committed her life to being one and helping others learn to be one.

In the book, Omaritan writes about 31 areas of life in which to pray for your husband.  (The previous edition I read only had 30 areas listed.)  Obviously there are more than 31 ways to pray for your husband, but I think it's a good start.  Conveniently enough, there are very often 31 days in a month!  

After reading the book, I decided to make note cards to help me to remember to pray for my husband everyday.  I took each chapter of her book and listed the area of life, a summary of what the chapter said, and a verse that coincides with this prayer.  Fun fact about me: I LOVE fonts.  So I fancied the cards up a bit with some fun fonts and printed them out on blank 3x5 cards.  I cut numbers from my Cricut to put on the reverse side, but that is totally optional.  Finally, I used a single whole punch in the top left corner and put them together with a ring.

Ok, I have my cards.  Great.  Now I need to do the actual praying.  What to do.  What. To. Do.

This is the strategy that works for me.  I keep my cards in a cupboard in my bathroom that I get in every single day; that way I see them, flip to the next day, and take a moment to pray.  I would like to expand my prayer time and have recently tried to pray for part of my lunch time, but a little prayer goes a long way.  It's the thought and sincerity that counts not how long the prayer is.

So pray on even if you're not getting along-especially if you're not getting along, because prayer changes lives including yours.

Here is a PDF download of my prayer cards!  Download, print, and pray!  Click here!

This makes a great wedding or shower gift.  Spread the love and pray!

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