Monday, March 7, 2016

Make Up Monday-Easy Lip Exfoliator

I was reading Shape magazine this weekend, and it had an article talking about the new lip colors for spring.  Spoiler alert-pastels.  It's so original, right?

Any way, the key to having your lip color look fabulous is to have ultra smooth lips.

Today I'm going to share my all natural, super easy lip exfoliator.  I can almost guarantee that you have these items in your pantry!

Here we go!


  • sugar
  • olive oil or coconut oil

That easy!  Put a little sugar in a custard cup then slowly add in oil.  I prefer for the mixture to be fairly dry.

To use:
  • wet your lips 
  • rub the mixture over them
  • rinse off
  • apply moisturizers
Don't go gentle.  Be a little rough on your lips to really slough the dead skin off.  I always rinse with warm water then apply a moisturizer like coconut oil.  If your mixture has a lot of oil in it, you may not need to moisturize afterwards.

There you go.  Super easy, 2 ingredient lip exfoliator.  
Note: You could also use baking soda.


  1. Oh I have done this before! My lips are always drying out.

  2. I NEED to do this! My lips have been so dry and peel-y lately.

  3. So need to do this. I love simple, easy and affordable ways to enhance my life...with two ingredients only I think this can be achieved. :) Happy Monday.

  4. it's a make yourself lush lip scrub!

  5. Awesome! I definitely need to do this, as my lips are so dry. Pinning this recipe!


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